GMO graphic novel




To create a world for young creative minds to blossom and have a platform to showcase their superpowers whilst gaining environmental awareness.

There has been a resounding chaos in the universe and an evil unknown force threatens to bring the demise to numerous endangered planets. The peril echoed throughout these planets has caused them to deploy distress signals in hopes of uniting the infamous SuperCorps.

After the distress charms land on planet Earth is where OUR story begins. The distress calls of these planets have since appeared across the galaxy including within the solar system that houses planet Earth. The children all around Earth stumble upon these fallen magical charms. The planet stones themselves possess magical properties pertaining to their native planets. Once unlocked these have the ability to summon powerful forces and even creatures. However, one must be cautious that these stones do not fall onto the wrong hands or they can equally cast chaos and destruction. Only those pure of heart can truly unlock their secret power.